Cold Brew Coffee Makers

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Tired of drinking hot brewed coffee? Try having delicious cold brew coffee. It has a bold flavor, and the texture is so smooth. The natural oils and essential substances are naturally preserved through the cold process of extraction, instead of evaporating away. That is why owning a quality cold brew coffee maker is essential.

The Osaka Cold Brew Coffee Dripper (Amazon) is a cold drip brewer that won’t break the bank. It produces coffee in less time than immersion techniques.

The Osaka comes in two sizes, 600 ml or 900 ml. The coffee concentrate can be both brewed and stored in its borosilicate glass carafe inside the fridge for up to two weeks. It also has a reusable stainless steel filter which does not trap essential oils like paper filters can. The slow drip extraction process is what makes this model unique.


  • Lightweight plastic water chamber and glass storage carafe: The top chamber is made of  durable plastic, keeping this from getting top heavy. The carafe is made from quality glass so you can store your brew in the fridge for later consumption without worrying about staining.
  • Re-usable Filter: The stainless steel filter is reusable, which will allow essential oils to pass through, and results in a richer, more flavorful coffee. No need to buy disposable paper filters.
  • Dripper: The adjustable dripper gives you control over the quality of your coffee.
  • Capacity: The small carafe holds 4 (5 oz) coffee cups and the large carafe holds 6 (5 oz) cups of coffee.


  • Has a slow drip extraction process which shortens brew time over immersion
  • Has an adjustable dripper to control strength of coffee concentrate
  • Produces six cups in just four to five hours
  • Beautiful borosilicate glass carafe
  • Reusable stainless steel filter
  • Concentrate inside carafe can be stored in fridge for a couple weeks


  • Dripper may get stuck and not allow any fluid to pass through, and may need to be adjusted partway through the brew cycle if it stops dripping
  • Makes a small amount
  • Less flavor than immersion techniques

The Osaka Cold Brew Dripper is indeed a popular and good entry level cold drip product. Though there may be times when the dripper gets stuck or clogged. No fluid will be able to pass through which prolongs the brewing process. It is very tedious because the user has to manually check if the dripper needs to have its flow adjusted.

This model can be compared to the Dripo Cold Drip Brewer because it is also affordable and has a compact design. The advantage of the Osaka is it has a manual flow control valve, whereas the Dripo has no control valve. The Osaka has plastic and glass components, while the Dripo is all plastic.  The key to successfully using either is to thoroughly pre-wet the grounds. When this is done, a nice bold concentrate results. If the coffee is not thoroughly pre-wet, you are likely to get a weaker cup of coffee.

Between the two, if you are looking to brew more than a single serving of concentrate at a time, the Osaka will be the better bet. If you want to brew just a single cup to grab and go, the Dripo with its built in travel mug would be the better bet.

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