Would you believe that for 46 years I hated coffee?  It always smelled good, and I loved coffee flavored treats, but I hated the taste of actual coffee. The other thing I disliked was that it was a hot beverage. I love cold drinks, preferably with ice. By the time I was in my 30’s I figured there was no point even trying to like it.

I first heard about cold brew coffee from an acquaintance sometime in the late 1990’s. He made a concentrate and mixed it with hot water. He claimed it was less acidic that way. He was a doctor and coffee was still “bad for you” at the time so perhaps that was his way of justifying his habit.

Fast forward to 2015 and coffee was nearly a health food. Well, at least it was no longer terrible for you and had antioxidants. But that was not enough to get me to convert. Plagued with middle aged weight gain I had read that caffeine could release fat into the bloodstream, which combined with exercise could reduce body fat. I already drank too much cola and decided I was going to make a concerted effort to like coffee. I wanted that extra fat gone, and I wanted to drink much less cola (because we still haven’t discovered the health benefits of that unfortunately). I remembered the cold brew and starting researching.

Long story short, I liked it.  And so here I am, obsessed with finding the perfect cup of cold brew coffee. If you are too, I hope you will enjoy my little experiments.