How Long Does Cold Brew Coffee Last

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In this day and age of technology where everything is expected to be done fast, caffeine is considered a big stimulant in increasing productivity. The most common sources of caffeine are tea and coffee.

According to NCA, National Coffee Association, 62% of Americans drink coffee every day. There are all different styles of coffee intake. Some prefer chilled, while others prefer hot. One of the most liked methods is cold brew coffee.

As the name suggests, cold brew coffee uses cold water instead of warm water. Cold brew coffee is considered special because it’s never exposed to heat. When coarse coffee grounds are dissolved in cold water for more than 12 hours, a cold brew is made.

The cold brew makes the perfect drink because the aroma is extracted and the final drink is a balanced, flavorful product.

There are many reasons why cold brew is famous. Some of the reasons include that it has more caffeine content than regular coffee. High antioxidants in cold brew coffee also play a major role in the uniqueness of this coffee.

Normally, it is predicted that cold coffee can last a minimum of seven days and a maximum of two weeks. However, this time frame is not set in stone and it depends on various factors that we will address in this article!

How Do You Refrigerate Your Cold Brew Coffee?

Different people store cold brew coffee in all different locations. Storing at room temperature is not recommended because it can make the cold brew go rancid, bitter, and even moldy!

How Long Does Cold Brew Coffee Last

The most ideal and convenient location is in a refrigerator. This increases the life of cold brew without affecting the taste of the brew.

Another hack is to keep your cold brew coffee in airtight containers. If small, air-tight containers are available, try dividing the cold brew coffee into those small containers so you don’t have to open a single container every day. This may seem like a hectic task to do initially, but it will make the difference in the long run!

How Do You Freeze Your Cold Brew?

One of the most common trends shared this year was the cold brew ice cubes hack. That’s where you freeze your cold brew in an ice cube mold so that each day you can use one. It is the most convenient and less time-consuming method!

What Kind of Coffee Beans Do You Use?

There are different kinds of coffee beans available on the market. The price ranges vary from the cheapest to the most expensive ones.

Good quality coffee beans make your cold coffee brew last longer. Make sure, for better taste, that you use the coffee beans with a closer production date and distant expiration date.

How Do You Grind Your Coffee?

Grinding coffee beans is an important step. Usually, coffee fans make the mistake of either grinding too fine or grinding too thick. If the beans are grounded too finely, the coffee will be extremely bitter. If the beans are grounded too thick, not enough flavor will  be extracted and the drink will be bland.

How Do You Balance the Coffee-Water Ratio?

Using one pound of coffee beans for one gallon of water is normally considered a golden rule for a flavorful cold brew coffee. However, the ratio can vary according to an individual’s personal preference.

How Long Do You Let the Coffee Beans Steep?

The preferable steeping time is considered to be around 14-16 hours. There is a myth that the more you steep, the more flavorful your coffee gets, but this is actually wrong.

20-24 hours of steeping time leads to extremely bitter coffee which is very unhealthy. The minimum steeping time is 12 hours. If you steep even less than this then you are missing out on the flavors of coffee.

So, now you know that maintaining the balance in the steeping time of beans is very important!

How Do You Dilute the Cold Brew Coffee Before Storing It?

You can dilute cold brew by using either milk or water. Most people prefer water instead of milk because cold brew diluted with milk won’t last as long.

Cold brew that has been diluted with milk also can’t be kept in the refrigerator for more than 8 hours. The maximum storage time for cold brew diluted with milk is around 2-3 days.

How Do You Take Care of Prepackaged Cold Brew?

Prepackaged cold brews are a healthier option for coffee lovers. However, make sure to check the expiration date before consuming it. Be mindful of the aroma even if the expiration date isn’t near.

Do You Like Filtered or Unfiltered Cold Brew?

Filtering cold brew removes any coffee grounds from the brew, resulting in a coffee brew that is not bitter. Similarly while filtering, it is better to use sterilized equipment if available.


Although cold brew coffee doesn’t last as long as dry coffee, no one has the time to
brew coffee every morning. Cold brew coffee is a new trend that can make your life easier, hence a batch made once can serve as a relief for the entire week!

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