Cold Brew vs Hot Brew

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Most people around the globe can’t start their day without coffee. Whether it’s making coffee at home, going to a drive-through, opening a can of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, or using a French press.

As you may already understand, cold brew is more than just brewing at a lower temperature than regular hot coffee!

Coffee lovers can easily understand the differences between a cold brew and a hot brew. Just take a sip of cold brew coffee and then another sip of hot brew and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about!

Cold Brew Coffee

Even though cold brew is becoming increasingly popular as a means to enjoy coffee beans, it’s not really a new concept. Cold brew coffee was first consumed in Japan in the 1600s, and possibly earlier. The cold brewing method makes the coffee slightly bitter than its other competitors. 

Cold brew coffee can take 1 to 2 hours to properly brew. Since the water is cold, it takes more time for the water to soak up all of the flavors and caffeine from the coffee beans.

Cold Brew vs Hot Brew

This might appear to be a disadvantage in comparison to hot brew coffee; however, the cold process of extracting actually helps to remove minimum bitter additives from the coffee, which is likely to result in a richer flavor.

Hot Brew Coffee

On a chilly day, a hot and delicious cup of coffee seems perfect, with its enjoyable freshness and texture that engulfs the senses. For most of us, the taste of a freshly brewed cup of coffee is one of familiarity and comfort.

When trying to compare hot brew vs cold brew coffee, the comfort of the brewing period will most probably be where hot brew coffee has one of the most strong benefits.

Pouring grounds, adding water, flipping a switch, and walking away while the machine pours out a perfect cup of coffee is simple and quick.

Which One Is Stronger, Hot Brew or Cold Brew?

This is the most frequently asked question related to hot brew vs cold brew. Coffee drinks are all about caffeine, so knowing how much caffeine you’re consuming is crucial!

Cold brew coffee is a comparatively recent trend on the coffee market. However, the prevailing assumption thus far is that a cold brew coffee might release higher caffeine than a hot brew using the same beans of coffee.

However, various beans have different caffeine levels, and if you use different beans, a hot brew coffee will simply have much more caffeine than a cold brew coffee.

Is There Any Taste Difference Between Cold Brew and Hot Brew?

The difference in the taste of cold brew and hot brew depends on different factors. Below, we discuss some of those factors!

Temperature of Water

The level of extraction and how flavorful the components are is determined by the temperature of the water you use in the brewing process.

Regular hot coffee that has been made with hot water in a coffee maker, a pour-over technique, or a French press, then chilled before being served over ice, is known as a hot brew.

Freshly roasted beans are steeped in cold water to change the essence of the beans, resulting in a cold brew.

Brewing Time

The soaking time for cold brew is longer than for hot brew. The longer brew time makes up for the cold water and slower extraction rate.

Whereas the cold brew extraction method is more time-consuming, it produces stronger, smoother hot coffee that is found commonly in coffee bars.

Cold brew has a sweeter flavor profile with less acidity than hot brew. By leaving the hot brew coffee to soak overnight, you can also prepare iced coffee in the same way. This has the extra benefit of giving you a fully prepared cup of coffee in the morning.

Coffee Ratio

The cold brew process often demands a 1:5 ratio of coffee grounds to water, whereas regular hot coffee brewing processes are 1:8 or more.

The general ratio of cold brew becomes closer as it is diluted, but the amount of coffee used to make cold brew is normally significantly more than hot coffee.


There are more differences between cold brew and hot brew than the temperature! The most important thing to know is that cold brew is not the same as hot brew.

While the concepts might seem similar, the differences between the two are quite clear. Hot coffee is made by brewing coffee with boiled water, while cold-brew can never make hot coffee!

Over time, cold brews have grown in popularity, and while they aren’t difficult to make, they do require a great deal of patience!

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