Cold Brew Coffee Makers

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The Primula Cold Brew Coffeemaker is a manual iced coffeemaker that allows you to brew cold and serve right from the pitcher. The coffeemaker itself is made of borosilicate glass. The plastic in this particular product is BPA free, and the filter core is detachable so that when it’s done steeping, the container can be used as a carafe to store and serve your coffee.

Iced coffee is brewed at normal hot temperatures, after which it chills; it can also be brewed directly over ice. The Primula Cold Brew Coffeemaker brews coffee with cold water which takes 12-24 hours to brew.


100% BPA-free plastics

While the Primula Cold Brew Coffeemaker is primarily glass, the other parts are 100% BPA free and free of phthalates, PVC, lead and other metals.

The presence of a filter in the brewing chamber

The Primula has a filter (core) in the brewing chamber so there are no extra steps after brewing to filter the coffee. This greatly eases the process as when your coffee is done, you can just remove the filter and leave the coffee in the pitcher.

Thermal resistant borosilicate glass

Consists of a thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass carafe, which means that it should withstand hot and cold temperatures in a superior way to ordinary glass. That said, the glass is a bit thin and is probably best used for cold brew or fruit infused water.

Has a screw lid

Has a screw cap that firmly closes the carafe during steeping which minimizes spillage if you are transporting it and more importantly, oxidation of coffee in the pitcher.

Tall and slim

At just shy of 12 inches, the Primula coffeemaker has a tall yet compact size that can fit into most refrigerators so it can be enjoyed later. Many other coffee systems are awkwardly tall.

It has a non-slip rubber foot

The non-slip rubber foot provides the coffeemaker with slip resistance and stability. It will sit securely on any given surface without sliding, minimizing the chances of falling.

Detachable stainless steel mesh

It has a removable stainless steel mesh filter which is a durable, works well for both hot and cold brews, and is easy to clean.

Non-acidic coffee

Cold-brewed coffee is less acidic than hot coffee. The Primula makes 65% less acidic coffee as compared to any other heat-brewed variety.

Use and care

The coffeemaker has been built in a manner that makes it easy to clean. It is entirely dishwasher safe, making the whole cleaning experience hassle free.


  • Affordable price point
  • Brew and store in the same vessel, minimizing dirty dishes
  • It has a thermal resistant, borosilicate glass carafe
  • BPA free
  • 50-ounce capacity means you can brew a few day’s worth of coffee
  • Non-slip rubber foot
  • Built-in stirrer
  • No messing with filtration when brewing is done


  • At nearly 12 inches tall, it may not fit on all shelves of your fridge
  • A good number of users wish that the mesh filter was finer
  • Initial learning curve to get the perfect cup
  • Glass is delicate and several users report breakage
  • Set up can be time-consuming


Based on a majority of customers who have used this product it certainly has good qualities. It has garnered very positive feedback with regards to making very smooth cold brewed coffee. Patience is required to slowly add cold water to the coffee grounds in order to avoid grounds ending up in the drink. A little coffee residue can be found at the bottom.

A drawback is that preparation and setup time to make coffee takes a little bit longer than expected. Slow filling of the coffeemaker is part of the problem–it takes about 15 minutes to fill up the carafe completely. The manufacturers should make an improvement on this. The size of the cone also complicates the preparation since you cannot directly pour the grounds in, which can result in spills while loading the filter.

A common complaint is that the glass is fragile and some users have had it crack and break. Even though it is borosilicate, it is probably best reserved for cold liquids. Though dishwasher safe, hand washing may help preserve the glass.

The pour spout on the lid was found to be less useful while serving, especially after having been in the fridge brewing and chilling for more than a day, as it contracts and may leak. It’s advisable to remove the lid when pouring/serving your coffee.

As for the grind, the Primula can handle a variety of grinds. Medium grind, however, is favored, especially in cases when you plan to brew at the low end (12 hours). Finer grinds have a drawback of leaving some sludge in your cup which cannot be filtered out. For 24 hours, a course grind will do just fine. Don’t overfill the filter, and make sure that there is enough room between the edge of the filter and the edge of the carafe for coffee to spill out over the filter. The filter holds about 4-6 oz. of ground coffee.

The Primula Cold Brew Coffeemaker is a well regarded brewer. Once you have mastered the set up process, you can brew a nice cup of coffee with this brewer. The built in storage pitcher is one of the biggest advantages. If you are unwilling to work through mastering how to use this brewer, you may want to stick to our recommended mason jar method.

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